Ensure Voting Access for Every American, Every Election.


Ensure Voting Access for Every American, Every Election.

The National Voter Protection Action Fund is a non-partisan 501(c)4 social welfare organization formed to combat voter suppression and support election protection efforts nationwide.  NVPAF is committed to protecting the franchise and voting rights by partnering with local organizations to fund work which increases ballot access, supports voter protection mobilization, and engages in anti-suppression advocacy efforts so that every American citizen can vote in every election without obstacle.

We are taking the necessary steps towards safeguarding our democracy, and ensuring that every American – regardless of political affiliation – is able to cast a vote that’s going to count!




thousand minority voters

In South Carolina, 81,000 minority voters lacked government-issued IDs; minority voters are more likely to lack photo ID issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, than white voters.



states introduced bills

13 states and the District of Columbia introduced bills in 2011 that would end highly popular Election Day and same-day voter registration, limit registration drivers, and/or reduce opportunities for voters to register.



million VOTERS to be affected

With new voter suppression laws in effect, an estimated 5 million eligible voters could be kept from registering and/or casting a ballot in 2018.


What We Do

We partner with local organizations across the country who are doing crucial election protection and anti voter-suppression work. We fund their election protection field plans and help them advocate for and organize around anti-suppression policy. #igot5onvoterprotection

Join Our Efforts

Don Calloway from the National Voter Protection Action Fund talks about voter suppression tactics in Wisconsin with Chris Ott from ACLU Wisconsin and Catoya Roberts from the WISDOM Action Network.

Call to Action

Our election retrospectives going back to 2000 have taught us that getting voters to the polls is not enough. The N.V.P. Action Fund keeps an eye out for active voter suppression efforts, and implements strategies to make sure all those turned-out voters are actually able to cast a ballot that gets counted.

If every American who cares about fair and open elections gives $5 to the cause, we can ensure that every citizen who wants to can cast a vote, even in jurisdictions where the worst suppression tactics are in place.  Your contribution will go directly toward funding nonpartisan local field plans for executions including financing for state IDs, funding rides to the polls, hiring election protection lawyers and poll watchers, and more.  


Don Calloway from the National Voter Protection Action Fund talks about voter suppression tactics in Georgia with Andrea Young from ACLU Georgia and Nse Ufot from The New Georgia Project.

September 2018

Rampant voter fraud does not exist. There is no epidemic of illegal voting. But the lie is so mesmerizing, it takes off like a wildfire, so that the irrational fear that someone might vote who shouldn’t, means that hundreds of thousands who should, can’t cast ballots, in part because of the increase in voter ID laws across the country in recent years.

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